About Melanie Hancock

Melanie Hancock started working at Diamonds Plus Jewellers and in the independent jewellery industry in 2003 at 22 years of age. With a keen interest & passion for quality jewellery she made the decision to further her qualifications starting with a simple course in Diamond Consultancy in 2005. Following this Melanie went on to complete the renowned World Gold Course and Watch Course from The Jewellery World 7 Watch and Clock Makers of Australia in 2008.  

Further studies during this time earned Melanie the F.G.A.A certification as a Gemologist. 

During 2006-2008 I studied to become a gemologist and needed 60% in theory and 80% in practical to pass the course. I graduated in 2009 with high marks and topped my class in practical gemological studies with a accreditation in gemmology and gaining myself the F.G.A.A initials after my name.

In 2009 she then went onto further her diamond grading studies becoming a certified Diamond Grader. 

In 2010 Melanie started managing Diamonds Plus Jewellers for Robert Argent whom she had worked for and learned the ropes of the business over the previous 7 years including experience in sales, marketing, advertising, staff management, stock purchasing and stock control, window dressing and more in of taking over the business in 2013 at the age of 31. She did this at the same time as completing a Certificate IV in Business. Robert, at 83 years of age when he retired was a great mentor for Melanie, teaching her a lot about quality jewellery and service.

"I was blessed to learn so much in my 10 years of working for Robert whom had been in the jewellery industry for more than 50 years". 
 About Diamonds Plus Jewellers
In 2013 Melanie took over the business becoming sole owner of Diamonds Plus Jewellers in Lismore. She sees herself and the business constantly growing, as does the joy she brings to all her customers.

"I have built my business into my dream jewellery store. Over the past years I have travelled the world visiting various jewellery fairs - over borders to foreign countries to design my own luxury jewellery displays and packaging. I have made world wide connections in my industry and feel that what I bring to the store is solid gold (pun intended). I absolutely love my job, the store and the customers I service."

Xx Melanie Hancock